long time no news _à Paris, le 8 novembre 2021

I was busy learning and experiencing Life, Plants, Universal Wisdoms, Human Nature… and applying all those common and precious knowledges to everyday life and also business.
On the way, i met so many amazing people. Making an incredible work to conserve and preserve our cultural heritage, Savoir-Faire, ressources.

I also had the chance to become a Mother. And so i became more conscious of the importance of Transmission. To know our History and tell our own Story.


So what’s up now! I am still advising talented entrepreneurs on their special projects, making brand strategy and business direction in a very intimate and co-creative way. Feel free to say Bonjour if you want to know more, for who etc…

And i also took the time to give more personal projects to life. I will tell you more very soon.


So yes, Vivid Matter, Fertile Humus and the LIVING … is more than ever what i value and place at the center, at the core of everything.

In the future, this space will evolve very organically… in an eclectic and free manner. I will write in English, or in French… depending the moment, the feeling.

A bientôt.