Astan Konaté is a Strategy and Marketing expert with almost 20 years experience in the fields of luxury, fashion and consumer brands. She is based in Paris.

Since 2010, she works closely alongside with entrepreneurs, managers, leaders. Providing them with strategic inputs, recommandations and operational support. Acting as free lance General Manager, Marketing-Communication Director or Strategy-Innovation, Business developer.


Her impactful consulting services are in demand from companies seeking to grow and evolve.


As a true pearl diver, she also reveals concepts and creates settings to match together talents, brands, retailers, department stores…


Her pivot is always matter, substance, essence itself which serve as her key to access a brands individual language and to define its expression.


Matter and savoir-faire are the protagonists of her explorative arrangements  where she invites us to rethink the usage, the gestures, the way products and services are sold, consumed, and finally, used.


Connecting people in order to embark together to new directions to exchange, collaborate and to spark synergies she draws settings for unique experiences in order to see beautiful projects emerge.


Some references: YSL, Chanel, Comme des Garçons, Lanvin, Comptoir des Cotonniers, Lectra, Erotokritos, CristaSeya, Polder, GLevents, SDA/Buy Paris Collection, Cbre Global Investors, Caroline Gomez, Catherine Kluger, Clotaire, Suzie Winkle, Titlee


Main interests: focusing on Commerce Innovation - Pop Up Retailing - New Media and Retail approaches - New Brand and Shopping Experiences - Creative Culture.

With Pause Shopping, a kind of Market Place and alternative avant-garde multichannel promotion network before time, she was one of the first to highlight and federate French young Creatives. with a selected curation of fashion and lifestyle brought directly to the customers.


First Floor Paris
. A permanent space for ephemeral actions. A pop up apt showcasing brands and talents as a galery. Designing high value contents and fresh brand experiences as a media/magazine. Selling products and services as a shop.

Since 2012:
Poping Up. A travelling Commerce Box. Flexible, and 100% customizable to test new commerce concepts with shoppers in public and commercial places.

Bubbling. A marketing agency + innovative commerce lab to accompany the conduct of change of brands and organizations.

PR Dinner to gather the Creative Culture scene. Started in Paris.

Since 2016:
. A branding studio + a creative plateform to experiment the Art of the Making - Savoir-Faire with natural and raw matter. Founded with Sylvia Sanchez Montoya.

The Future of Materialism. "Impulses for innovation". A think tank and laboratory founded with Fosca Tóth, for a new understanding of Luxury. A series of encounters (round tables, publications, worshops, diners...) about reforming globalization. Because the future matters now!